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Corian® and "Solid Surface"

Invented and produced by DuPont, Corian® is an advanced composite material for furniture and architectures. It offers superior performances and big design versatility and is conceivable for appliances in residential and commercial environments, such as hotels, hospitals, shops, yachts, restaurants and airports.
With its combination of performances and aesthetic qualities, Corian® is a versatile material for creative artifacts, innovative designs and long lasting appliances.
If you have an idea, probably you can make it real by means of Corian®. It is available in 72 colors and can be engraved, sanded or wrought, like wood, as well as molded, thermoformed or inlaid... design options are virtually unlimited.
Perfectly uniform with seamless joints, Corian® can be used in the creation of architectural decorations of pretty big dimension.
Corian® integrates well with other materials such as tiles, steal, wood, granite and glass. Corian® is an excellent solution for horizontal and vertical appliances, for your furniture or illumination: the list of possibilities is continuously evolving and expanding.
At Nautica FAM ltd we are specialized in Corian® processing and thanks to the highest precision of our machines and with our great inventive, working capacity and tools, we have succeded in excellent outcomes.